The REPAK forest

We have chosen to produce Repak trays of the natural resources that are to our disposal.
The company policy is to make sure that we will keep our natural resources invariable. Therefore e have recently invested in another 190 acres of woodlands which makes a total of 542 acres. This means that right now we have the capability of producing approximately 7.1 million Repak trays per year.

The home of REPAK

Located in the heart of the woodlands -Jämtland- in the middle of Sweden is the head office of Dillebolagen AB and Dillebolagen group.
The family Eriksson is since five generations the owners of Dille Farm where all of the DilleBolagen group´s members are located.
Mr Johan Eriksson a.k.a "Johan i Dille", the president of DilleBolagen AB, is the fifth generation to manage the farm.